trainer's card
name: Doodle Bug
ID no.: 01479
class: Ace Friend
nature: Lonely
money: pokédollars
pokedéx: 150
in love with the sky + ghosts + everyone . esp you + pg

I will . I will . I will test out of this class . Im gonna have to study some french and maybe some history too bc I mightve failed that class too but. Im gonna Do this . Thank yo j


If you have a friend who is comfortable with certain pronouns

  • DO NOT tell them ‘but ur a boy/girl lol’
  • DO NOT misgender them when you’re angry with them
  • DO NOT misgender them behind their backs
  • DO NOT explain to other people using the phrase ‘(Name) was born as (GAAB)’

I forgot how much you saying that calms me down and how good it makes me feel thank you I love you too

I mmmm really angry

I am really pissed !!!! Honestly !!!! I was such an asshole last year and I didnt handle anything well and now im stuck in these asshole classes

I feel like such a twit bc im in two 10th grade classes

My lipstick is staying on so well tbh .. im gonna take bathroom selfies in a sec

Me : do u know how inconvenient it is that the class I want to skip isnt during a lunch hour smh

A friend : its the first day !!!!

Me : chill

Classes where you dont know anyone are *fart noises*